Submersible Waterfall Feature Pump

Water feature pump uses performance stainless steel shaft. Amphibious design, able to work either on land or in water.
The submersible waterfall pump has Long life, low noise less than 35dB, and can be used for hot water circulation.
Submersible filter pump is designed to small size, high efficiency, low consumption.
Without separate lubrication and cooling water, reducing energy consumption.
Suitable for aquarium, fountain, fish pond, etc.

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  • 35 days
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  • 100pcs
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Water Fountain Pump:

( flow rates 290GPH~400GPH/1100LPH~1500 LPH )

The Submersible Waterfall Pump has been designed for use in aquarium,fish tank,pond,hydroponics,statuary,waterfalls, fountain heads and filter.

Water Feature Pump with Light Offshoot


1. Amazing Color Lighting Effects:The water feature pump with light offshoot uses 4 super bright energy-saving LED colorful lights and 4 colors (red, blue, green, yellow) lights. Water pump LED lights provide amazing color lighting effects and waterproof. which is great for decorating your decorating indoor fountains, swimming pools, pet fountains, ponds, fish tanks, aquarium pump, hydroponic, statues

2. Safety and simplicit:Safe for fish with no exposed copper, ideal for use as an aquarium pump. There are four powerful suction cups on the bottom of the submersible filter pump that can be mounted vertically or horizontally on the glass surface. The compact size makes the waterfall filter aquarium pump easy to hide or disguise. The water feature pump is easy to clean and does not require any tools or accessories to remove and clean the filter/impeller.

3. Anti Dry Burning & Quiet Operation-- The fish pond pump can withstand 48 hours dry burning. So no need to worry about there is not enough water in your fish tank when you go on a short trip. Use brushless motor, this aquarium water pump can produce low noise and run more smoothly, which gives you a quiet environment even with one in your bedroom.

4. Detachable & Cleanable-- The quite water pump is easy to detach to clean. Do not need any tools to disassemble it and is very easy to be cleaned. Note: Please clean the pump regularly in case debris blocks the nozzle to make noises.

Adjustable Water Flow Rate:

An adjusting knob allows you to adjust the water flow rate, the maximal flow rate can be up to 200 GPH.

Submersible Waterfall Pump

Copper wire motor:

100% copper wire motor, more stable and efficiency, low noise.

12W efficiency motor for energy saving is powerful,quiet and offer a enough lift heigh.

Light Pumps

Widely Application:

Equipped with 25W high efficiency motor, the water fountain pump attracts your fish or turtles a lot as it keeps circulating and aerating the water. Perfect for small to medium size aquarium, fountains, landscaping, spout, pond, water gardens and hydroponic systems, etc. Corrosion resistance, strong driving, this electric water pump also fits for sea water.

Water Feature Pump with Light Offshoot

Product information:

Submersible Waterfall Feature Pump With Light Offshoot Specification








ABS shell

ABS shell

ABS shell

Max Flow Rate


1300LPH (350GPH)

1500LPH (400GPH)









H-Max (Lift height)




Item Size

3.5*2.25*2.95in (89*57*75mm)

3.94*2.72*3.39in (100*69*86mm)

3.94*2.72*3.39in (100*69*86mm)






Submersible Waterfall Pump

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